March 10th, 2006
WINNER of “Searching for the Miraculous”

You ALL made such breathtaking entries. I kept tearing up. Wonderful. Beautiful. I’m so happy I hosted this contest. I wish all of you could win something.

But, since I haven’t won the lottery yet….

By random drawing, the winner is: Marcy.

Congrats, Marcy!!! I’ll be broadcasting this all over the place since I don’t have your email address. Please email me at anya (at) so we can arrange things.

3 comments to “WINNER of “Searching for the Miraculous””

  1. Congrats Marcy!!

  2. Congratulations Marcy! and Anya, I am glad that you hosted this contest too. It was wonderful to read through the posts.

    Little Lamb Lost

  3. WOW!! I am emailing you right now! Thank you-I loved sharing this terrific experience.