March 27th, 2006
Of Booksignings & Bugs

Recap of my mini cross-country booksigning spree.

Elizabethtown, KY is MUCH bigger than they protrayed in that movie. Misrepresentation! We didn’t have a problem finding the bookstore, but were amazed the town was as big as it is. The booksigning went well. It consisted of me, Shiloh Walker, Veronica Chadwick and Heather Grothaus.

I know Shi, but it was the first time I’d met Veronica and Heather. Veronica is extremely warm and friendly. I liked her instantly. The same with the lovely and personable Heather. All of us nattered throughout the whole booksigning. Oh, I started reading Heather’s book last night and it’s GOOD. I used to read historicals all the time, but stopped for some reason. Her book may herald a return. (She has a gorgeous husband, by the way.)

Three of my friends drove down for the signing and bought books. Hee. They raffled off two beautiful gift baskets crammed with books and other goodies and two of my friends won them! I swear it wasn’t rigged. I didn’t even pull the names.

Then my husband and I drove to Nashville. We chilled out Saturday night, went to dinner and soaked in the hotel spa. Before the signing the next day we met a writerly friend of mine, her husband and her cutie kid for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. I think her child was *very* impressed with the animatronics and the thunderstorms. The visit was too short, though. I need to spend more time on the next visit.

Authors at the Nashville signing besides me were: Phyllis B. Williams, Lani Aames, Shiloh Walker, Veronica Chadwick and Heather Grothaus. I didn’t get to talk very much with Phyllis and Lani, which was a pity.

Connie, a reader, made little gifts for some of the authors! So sweet! If you’re reading this, thanks again, Connie!! I love it!!! She has a delightful and attentive husband, too. Lucky girl.

After the signing, my husband and I high-tailed it home and slept like two big fur-covered rocks (the cats, you see). This morning I wake up to find one of my cats playing with a CENTIPEDE in the hallway. *shudder* Okay, I’m not squeamish about bugs. I’m fascinated by spiders and refuse to kill them (I trap them and put them outside). I don’t mind snakes. I think they’re cool. But centipedes give me the heebies like nobody’s business. I pounded that sucker into the floor with a shoe before it could BLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAARRRRRGGGGG scurry away on all those little legs.

Now I’m freaked out that there could be MORE. If there’s one, there must be…..*shudder*….MORE.


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