April 11th, 2006
I Have a Crush

Yes, sure I love the alphas. I love the buff guys. Who doesn’t? They’re excellent eye candy. Candy, being the keyword.

But I have a guilty secret. I’m VERY attracted to intelligent men.

And I have the CRUSHIES! Crushies, I say.

On the way home last night I listened to NPRs Science Friday. They were discussing this book, Programming the Universe: A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes on the Cosmos, by Seth Lloyd, who is a professor of mechanical engineering at MIT.

Oh, geekitude!! How intriguing and attractive. Not geekitude, that’s the wrong word…brilliance. My god. He even speaks French. *swoon* Here’s an NYT article about Lloyd and his book.

Anyway…it was instant crush. The discussion was interesting even though it kind of made my hair follicles ache. It’s one of those subjects that’s just a little too large to fit in my wee head. Crushies all the same, though I don’t think Lloyd would take much interest in a peon like me who has an I.Q. of, like, twelve.

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