April 19th, 2006
All About The Yayness

Review for Blood of the Damned from eCataromance Sensual Reviews

“I have been waiting and waiting for Niccolo’s story ever since Anya started her EMBRACED series and oh how well worth the wait it is. Jade and Niccolo sizzle with chemistry and the tender care that Niccolo takes with Jade makes their relationship even more engrossing. Both main characters have led hard lives and bear many scars on their hearts as well as their souls and their relationship is one of healing as well as love.

Of course, you can’t have an EMBRACED story without a creepy, evil villain and BLOOD OF THE DAMNED certainly delivers in this area. Drayden is a very complex character. Just as you begin to dislike him with a passion, he goes and shows a little peek of heart. Mr. Jones on the other hand, well, you’ll see. *shudder*

BLOOD OF THE DAMNED is a superb mix of romance and suspense that is just too hard to put down. Don’t miss this fourth installment in the EMBRACED series and if you haven’t read the others yet, what are you waiting for?”

– Susan

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