May 3rd, 2006
Now Available!

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Seduced in Twilight is now available at Ellora’s Cave!

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Seduced in Twilight By Anya Bast

Olivia thinks she’s finally gone off the deep end. Ghosts wake her up in the night and she sees monsters during the day. Just when she can’t take it anymore, she meets two gorgeous men who claim to be immortals.

Then her life gets really strange.

Will is a powerful Tylwyth Teg fae. Mason is a half-breed drac shifter with a bad attitude. Together they form a Gaelan partnership, warriors in the centuries-old battle against the goblins. Both alpha males claim Olivia and, though conflicted, Olivia craves them both in equal measure. United in their conquest, Will and Mason throw open the doors to Olivia’s repressed sexuality and show her the rich possibility of having two skilled and dominant lovers whose sole focus is her.

But mere mind-blowing sex isn’t enough. Will and Mason must convince her that she’s gifted, not cursed. They must also seduce her into their lives and to their love…as a partner to both of them.


Water Crystal is this week’s spotlighted book!

Water Crystal By Anya Bast

Earth in 2075 is a place of chaos and struggle because the planet’s water has been poisoned. Together, in a world thirsting for drinkable water, Angelo and Bianca make fire.

When Bianca Robinson steals a special crystal, Angelo, a Guardian of the Order, tracks down and arrests the thief. However, Angelo suspects that Bianca isn’t a criminal, but merely a woman ready to do anything to right a wrong.

Bianca has grown jaded in her fight for survival, but every brush of Angelo’s hand on her body breaks down her barriers. He alone seems to have enough heat to melt the coldness within her. He makes her want a man’s touch for the first time in many years and awakens every carnal and dark erotic yearning within her.

Angelo knows that Bianca is forbidden to him, but she tempts him like no other woman. She inspires him to act out every one of his sensual desires. Angelo will break every rule in order to have her…and to keep her.

2 comments to “Now Available!”

  1. oh new book! I wanna read. hmmm Water Crystal, I think I have this but don’t recall reading it.

    ::off to check::

  2. Hi Sybil! Hope you like SIT!–>