June 18th, 2006
Loving the Bad Guy

I know I’ve said it before, but I LOVE writing the villain. I don’t mean a cardboard mustache-twirler though. I mean a bad guy with depth. A man (or woman, man in the story I’m writing now) who’s bad and knows he’s bad. A man who has the motivation to be bad, at least in his own twisted reality. He’s doing malevolent, eeeevul things because he has a reason. If it’s done right, the reader can maybe almost–almost–sympathize with him.

And the only thing I like more than writing the bad guy is having the bad guy reap his karma.

One comment to “Loving the Bad Guy”

  1. A well written villian is the best character in any book.
    Yes he might do evil things we maybe don’t like, but he is so convinced of the reasons to do it, that we can accept him doing that, we love when his plans go right (at least to defore the last second where the heroe ruins the plans by some unexplainable occurrence)