June 19th, 2006
Of Dragonflies and Hummingbirds

I have this fascination with dragonflies. They’re beautiful in an alien-like way and are brutal hunters. We have lots of them in our yard for some reason. I’m not sure why. There isn’t a lot of water around other than our little pond with our one lonely goldfish. Still, I see them hanging out in the bushes a lot, hunting other insects. They land on a leaf and go still, silent, waiting. When some yummy bit of insect flesh grows near, they swoop up and munch it.

So, I’m looking out the window and can see a dragonfly hunting on a bunch of catnip growing on my Kara-cat’s grave

Tangent: Yes, I’m aware how strange it is that catnip grows on my cat’s grave. No, we didn’t plant it there. I planted shadow-loving perennials which were quickly overtaken by the nip. It’s the only place in the whole yard where there’s a profusion of the stuff.

Being the nature-loving freak I am, I get up and sneak out there to get a closer look. By the time I get there the dragonfly is gone, but I hear a buzzing sound right by my ear, turn my head and come eye-to-eye with a hummingbird! I stare breathlessly for a moment, the hummingbird realizes what I am (eeek! Human!) and speeds off into a nearby tree.


That’s the first one I’ve seen so far this year, but we usually have a bunch around here because of all the flowers in the yard. I’m bummed because my butterfly bushes didn’t come up this year! I might go see if I can find a couple mature ones to plant.

I get all freaky when I see dragonflies, hummingbirds, black vultures (love them) and herons (they’re so primordial looking). We won’t even talk about the squee of seeing or hearing an owl.

Gardening and nature blather is now over.

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