July 21st, 2006

Ah, reviews. By all accounts readers don’t pay much attention to reviews when making their buying decisions, but I still wait on pins and needles for the first of mine to coming rolling in. I’m always so relieved when they’re good.

Of course, I’ve had my share of bad reviews too. Bad reviews are a part of being an author. It’s a part of having your work read by so many different people who come to the book with so many different worldviews, experiences and personal squicks and hang-ups. It’s important for an author develop a thick skin where this is concerned because your ego will take a few shots.

I’m human, so bad reviews hurt, but mostly I pout, eat some chocolate and carry on. I know that not everyone is going to think I’m brilliant and talented in this lifetime. *shrug* Not everyone loves me like my mom does, ya’ know?

Public participation time…

If you’re a writer, how do you react to a bad review? Pout? Consume massive amounts of chocolate? Track down the reviewer and demand a confrontation? Kick? Scream? I’m sure there are many ways to deal.

If you’re a reader, do you pay attention to reviews when making your buying decisions?

Speaking of reviews, here are the first two for my recent release, Tempted by Two, because you have to celebrate the good ones:

From Sensual eCataromance…

“Anya Bast really knows how to write hot love scenes…. Enjoy a touch of danger? Want your own personal heat wave? Anya Bast’s Tempted by Two is perfect.”

– Elise Lyn

Five Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies…

“What’s a girl to do when she suddenly learns that she has fae blood, starts seeing goblins and has two men claiming that she’s meant to be with both of them – forever? She fights temptation and then when the time is right, gracefully gives in…

Anya Bast pens an amazing tale full of passion, trust, pure evil, and absolute binding love. TEMPTED BY TWO draws the reader into the story and doesn’t let go until you’ve read every word. Miranda is a wonderful character whom I loved getting to know. She’s witnessed the devastating results of domestic abuse and does everything in her power to help battered women. Marco and Theo are definitely alpha males – both are dominating and possessive, but in no way are they inclined toward any form of abuse. Convincing Miranda of that fact is going to be challenging. This book is delightfully enchanting with a few unexpected twists that will keep you guessing.”

– Chrissy Dionne

3 comments to “Reviews”

  1. First of all, Anya, congrats on the great reviews. 😀

    As for how I react to less than terrific reviews of my books–actually pretty much the same as you I think. Logically (key word here) I know reviews are all subjective. Since most of my work is comedic, with much of it incorporating screwball comedy, I’m fully aware that what one reader finds funny will have another shaking her head and saying “Huh? What in the world was that author thinking?” While most of my reviews are quite good I’ve certainly had my share of stinkers too. LOL

    I feel bad for just a little bit *but…but why don’t ALL the readers and reviewers love me and my books?*–LOL–and then take a deep breath and dive headfirst into the chocolate. After I’ve been duly anesthetized with plenty of fat and calories I start asking myself lots of “what could I have done to improve the story” questions. Sometimes a poor review will give me some genuinely good insight into something I may change in the next story but most of the time I just realize it’s nothing more than a difference of opinion or personal preference and move on.

    Whether the review is positive or negative, I usually write a short professional note thanking the reviewer for taking the time to read and review my book.

  2. I don’t mind getting a bad review. I’ve had a few really snarky reviews, but getting upset about them only makes you look like a horses ass to your readers. So smile politely and wave like a beauty queen in the homecoming parade 🙂

  3. Daisy — I do the same. Bring out the dark chocolate!

    I do try and take an honest look at the review. If the reviewer has a good point, I chalk it up to a learning experience and try not to make the same mistake in my next book. 🙂