September 20th, 2006
Response to Edge of Sweetness

I just got a piece of spam with the subject line: leeringfkts Girlnqtz Bending Overron!!! Took me a while to figure to figure it out… Leering Girls Bending Over!!!!

Er. I guess. I’m not opening it up to find out if I was right, that’s for certain.

In non-spamish news… (well, maybe this is spam. All is in the eye of the spam beholder), I’ve been getting fantastic feedback from readers in private emails and in reviews for Edge of Sweetness. This makes me happy because, 1.) it was my first BDSM story and 2.) it was my first EC quickie. Short stories are more difficult for me to write than long ones.

eCataromance (Sensual)
Five Stars

“This story was really fascinating, with two leading characters with whom the reader can both readily identify and sympathise. Ben and Savannah are realistic personalities, and even in this short quickie, the author delineates their deeper selves. I really appreciated the emphasis on the immediate connection of their first meeting, and then the long wait of six months until they find each other again. All in all, I highly recommend this to every reader!”

~ Annie_Kudzu


Coffetime Romance
4 cups

“I enjoy well-written tales of dominance and submission. This book is an excellent example of this exciting genre. I really like Ms. Bast’s particular writing style. She has a way with words that completely stimulates my imagination. If you like the BDSM genre, then give this sensational story a try. You will be glad you did.”

~ Susan White

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