October 13th, 2006
Pain & Books

Personally, I prefer books.

I pulled a muscle in my left hip. Well, I guess I pulled a muscle in my left hip. All I know is that something in my left hip is shooting searing jolts of pain as bright as freaking solar flares down my left leg when I : 1. move wrong, 2. bend over, (oh, that’s a BAD thing to do right now), 3. laugh, 4. sneeze (also really bad. There is the white-hot pain of a thousand, million suns when I sneeze), 5. exist and/or breathe.

It started yesterday and caused me an extremely restless night. It’s worse this morning. I have NO IDEA what I did. I must’ve moved wrong or something. Sitting here in the computer chair is painful, but it’s a tolerable pain. Hopefully it won’t affect my writing today. If the pain is still there tomorrow I suppose I’ll have to schlep myself into the doctor’s office.

In other news, I LOVE Market Spice Tea. It’s incredibly yummy. Especially when it’s 30 degrees outside, like it is now. I brought some back for my mother, but now I wish I’d brought some back for everyone. It’s a very strong tea, kind of cinnamony and citrusy all at once. It doesn’t need milk or sugar. Lovely stuff.

I bought it when my husband and I went to Seattle this past weekend to hang out with Lauren Dane. Naaah nah!! I got to hang out with Lauren Dane and you didn’t! *blows raspberry* because I’m sooo mature like that.

Anyway, I discovered this new tea and now I’m addicted. Must. Have. More. Market Spice tea!

In bookish news…I just finished Dead Man Rising, by Lilth Saintcrow. It’s a sequel to Working for the Devil (I suggest reading in order). It was very good. It made me cry! I finished it up on the plane coming back from Seattle on Sunday and whimpered my way to the end. There’s one more in the series to be released and I can’t wait for it.

Right now I’m reading The Hoax, by Adrienne Jones — This is speculative fiction. Well-written, intelligent and surreal. My favorite combo. I love the characters. They grabbed me from the first page.

Other books I recently purchased: (There’s even some romance in there. Funnily enough, I don’t read a lot of it because I write it.)

Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman
Seduced by Magic, Cheyenne McCray
Witching, Yasmine Galenorn
Master of Swords, Angela Knight
Black Powder War, Naomi Novik

NOW I’m off to write, if my left hip will let me.

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