October 22nd, 2006
Backache gone, but now I have a cold

Either that or it’s very bad allergies.

For the last two weeks I suffered some kind of back injury. I thought it might be sciatica but, in hindsight, I THINK it came from toting my computer into Best Buy to be fixed while wearing high heels. Don’t try that at home, kiddos. I’m just sayin’.

But the back is (mostly) healed. Now I have a cold. I’ll take a cold over a hurt back, though.

There is a good thing that came out of it. I learned about ergonomics. It’s an important thing for us folks who spend a lot of time at computers.

Now I’m sniffing and sneezing and researching demons amongst discarded Kleenex. *rubs hand together with glee* I love me some demon research. Heee!! *Achoo*

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