October 28th, 2006
Backgrounds & Black Cats

Yay!!! The background is fixed. Pretty, isn’t it?

We recently had someone over at our house who, upon running into Kitty, our outdoor stray (honestly, he’s not much of a stray. He’s pretty spoiled and well taken care of) commented on the “unluckiness” of having him hang around…and maneuvered so he could not cross her path.

Here is a picture of Kitty:

I was offended for all of blackcatdom.

This is the second time I’ve heard this strange superstition openly expressed. The first time we were at a resort in Mexico where there were several stray cats. One of them (scenting we had “sucker” written all over us) followed us back to our room, where we invited him in and ordered him room service (a hot dog).

Anyway, one of these cats was black. A drunk woman saw the black cat and raised hell, yelling about bad luck and why doesn’t the resort round up all the black cats and drown them.


There have been few times in my life I’ve wanted to punch someone, but this was definitely one of those times.

An animal shelter volunteer once told me that they can’t adopt black cats out. That if you go into the cat room on any given day, the overwhelmingly majority of cats are black. Mostly, I don’t get it. Why don’t people like black cats? Why do people persist in these silly superstitions in the year 2006?

Personally, I adore black cats. We have three. Kitty, Wiggle and Kokopop. They are sleek and beautiful. They have attitude. They can blend into the shadows for superior stalking ability.

Basically, black cats rule.

So do me a favor and be nice to a black cat this Halloween. Out of all the different colored cats in the world, they have it the worst.

4 comments to “Backgrounds & Black Cats”

  1. I don’t get that either but have heard animal shelters have a hard time adopting them out. I wouldn’t mind a black kitty.


  2. Hey, its soo wrong to say annything on black cats. I too oppose it strongly..My friend has a black cat n is happy with it..

    And hey, you too can check out this post on black cats. I hope u’ll like it…

    take care

  3. You go Anya!!! My sister and I belong to SPCA (my sister also works there part-time) and they have the same problem with black cats. It is a no kill shelter so they do get cared for but need a good loving home. We won’t go into how many kitties we have (we live in the country & have a big house) but we have 7 black kitties who have spent all of their lives in the shelter because no one would adopt them (MORONS!!!). They are loveable, warm, furry & mischievious companions. We need more sensible & caring animal lovers like you. By the way I enjoyed your pictures of Paris it reminded me of my stay there as a student, I hope you had a great time. Happy Holidays, Michelle

  4. I really feel sad for the black kitties who are tortured almost everyday….I came across a post on black cats. I found it quite interesting..you too can check this out…

    take care