October 29th, 2006
Did you know…

Did you know I have a newsletter? I do! It’s called The Sultry Pen. Did you know that I’m writing a free story for my newsletter subscribers? I am! The fourth part of my free story Tranquility will go into the next edition of The Sultry Pen!! You can catch up on the story (complete with original typos!) in the last edition, posted in the archives for subscribers.

And just when you thought I couldn’t possibly use any more exclamation points…. I even give away prizes every month in random drawings. They’re GOOD prizes too, like $20 GCs to Amazon.com, free books, and chocolate! November’s prize is a Border’s gift card.

Here’s a link to join.

Please note that the excerpts and the free story are hot, so no one under 18 may join. Thanks for your understanding.

One comment to “Did you know…”

  1. “(complete with original typos!)”

    LOL, Anya–I loved this part.