December 19th, 2006
Review for Ellora’s Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis Volume IV

Ellora’s Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis Volume IV — by, Anya Bast,Charlotte Boyett-Compo, Lena Matthews, Kris Starr, N.J. Walters & Ravyn Wilde

Reviewed By: Elise Logan for Romance Divas

“I love these anthologies – if for no other reason than they introduce you to a number of authors you might not otherwise read. In this collection, the stories run from fantasy to contemporary; from paranormal to the guy next door. The stories are very strong individually, with Anya Bast’s Getting Slayed and N.J. Walters’ Shadows Stir being the strongest offerings.”

Getting Slayed by Anya Bast

Bast’s contribution is one of the most entertaining stories I’ve read in a long while. It’s a definite twist on the “hero slays dragon to win the princess” fairy tale, and it is by turns hilarious and hot.

Dreams of the Oasis IV releases on Thursday, December 21st at Ellora’s Cave!!

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