December 22nd, 2006
Five Things Meme

Tagged by that voluptous mistress of erotic romance, Lauren Dane.

Five Crazy Things About Me Meme.

1.) I will react violently and involuntarily if anyone puts their hands around my throat. I can’t stand turtlenecks or chokers either.

2.) When I was three I plucked a big hairy spider off the side of the house and ate it. The folklore in my family is that’s why I became a writer (that whole “spinning a web” thing).

3.) We have eight cats (and one well-pampered outdoor moocher) because stray felines seem to have Sucker Radar, upon which we shine vibrantly.

4.) I took years of Russian language, but all I can say is “Here is St. Basil’s Cathedral”.

5.) I am a frequent lucid dreamer and often “wake up” in the middle of nightmares…which sucks.

It’s really scary how easy that meme was to do. I’m just sayin’

I tag…Patrice Michelle, and Daisy Dexter Dobbs

2 comments to “Five Things Meme”

  1. Bwah about the spider thing.

    I had way more than five things, because I am way more weird than the average bear.

  2. Ate a spider??