December 29th, 2006
Friday Fiver

Oops I did it again…

1. First kiss?

At summer camp when I was eight. It was very sweet.

2. Underwater swimming or skydiving?

I have always wanted to skydive! My stepfather used to fly gliders. (I got to fly one once too) They had a skydiving club at the airfield and I wanted to do it, but my mom vetoed me. 🙁 I haven’t really thought about doing it since then. Hmmm…

Underwater swimming is nice too, though.

3. Careful as you cross the street or never look both ways?

I’m always very careful, of course!

4. Ketchup: a vegetable?

The only way I like ketchup is if it’s mixed with mayonaise. I use it as a dip for my french fries that way.

5. Underwear – optional?

Uhm…yeah, not optional thankssoverymuch.

I tag Lauren Dane and Patrice Michelle.

One comment to “Friday Fiver”

  1. May you enjoy a bright and happy New Year, Anya, filled with great joy; the comforting warmth of love; good health and wellbeing; the delight of true friendship; and enough of whatever you want and need to fulfill your deepest dreams and desires.

    Thank you for being a part of my life this past year and making it so much richer!