January 2nd, 2007
I love a new year

New years are always so rife with possibility. They’re a time when anything can happen. It’s a place that’s full of energy and unfolding destinies. Charged with the electricity of the conceivable. It’s a clean slate, an occasion to start new. To slough off parts of the past or behaviors you dislike and adopt other ways of being.

Of course, any time can be a “new year”. Not everyone celebrates the turn of the wheel by our calender. Some people and cultures celebrate the New Year in the fall, some in the early, early spring. Some people choose any old time to start fresh. Nothing wrong with that.

Whenever you start your new wheel of time a ticking,  I wish for you all the beauty your heart can muster, all the love it can hold. I wish for you laughter until you can’t even speak at least once per week. I wish for you to achieve all your dreams and desires.

May you end the old year with a smile toward the past the enter the new one with a song in your heart.

Here’s to a gorgeous 2007!

One comment to “I love a new year”

  1. Happy New Year!