January 18th, 2007
Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Anya Bast
Wow. It’s Thursday already again.

Here are thirteen things I believe:

1. I believe personal growth and development is won in the moments, in how you treat others and in the love that you show.

2. I believe it’s better to be able to bend once in a while, otherwise one day you will break.

3. I believe it’s normal to have doubts and insecurities about your writing and your writing career. To be utterly impressed with your own words and works is to court disaster.

4. I believe that being kind and having compassion are strengths, not weaknesses.

5. I believe it’s important to have tolerance for everyone, even those who are intolerant. (This one is very hard.)

6. I believe we create our own reality.

7. I believe we all change every single second. I am not the same person I was yesterday, not exactly.

8. I believe we are all ultimately responsible for our own happiness. No one else can provide this for us. We make choices about how to perceive ourselves and our lives.

9. I believe that some of the most hurtful and challenging people in my life have been my very best teachers. They have helped shaped me into the person I am.

10. I believe you can’t change the past and the future is made in the present. So it’s important to really be present.

11. I believe there is always something to learn.

12. I believe that while it’s fine to strive for “more,” it’s important to be content with what you currently have and not take it for granted.

13. I believe in keeping things simple.

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10 comments to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. I agree with you on all of those! Btw, your book Witchfire sounds interesting. Your name apeals to me, because Bast is my patron goddess.
    My TT has 13 words to describe me.

  2. Great list. It is full of wonderful things that we should all keep in mind.

    Happy TT!

  3. Wow. Love this list. My sister and I started a “I believe…” list when were were younger, I think it’s 13 pages long now. Your 13 are really well thought out and beautiful. Love it

  4. Racy… “I reject your reality and substitute my own!”

    Heheheheheh. I totally get that (and say it often).

  5. Awwww…thank you, Jaci!! Gee. 🙂

  6. Beautifully stated, all of them. And those things you listed above are filled with such kindness and peace. And are probably why you are one of the nicest authors I have ever met.


  7. Very inspiring post. And I totally agree with #9. I have learned a lot from the people that were the most unkind to me. My TT is up on why I hate being a middle child.

  8. What an inspiring list!

    Yea, I’m totally feelin’ #3 right now 🙂 As for #6, have you seen Mythbusters on Discovery Channel? There’s a tongue-in-cheek funny quote from one of the guys there: “I reject your reality and substitute my own!”

  9. Thanks so much for posting this. I will be back to read your blog

  10. I loved your Thursday Thirteen so much, I had to post it on my blog. You’re awesome!