January 20th, 2007
In Which I Admit Two Things.

First, Nipple Nibblers…

…is better for your lips than Carmex. Of course, Nipple Nibblers really aren’t meant to go on one’s lips, per se…but whatever works, right? I buy this product for my lips and only my lips. (*koff* No, really! I swear!)

And second, I love me some kitty feet.

I think kitty feet are one of cutest things in life.

That’s about all I have on this lazy Saturday. Exciting, no?

One comment to “In Which I Admit Two Things.”

  1. awww geez Anya! And of course who do i see in my head across your lap??! I was whimpering as it was, now i’m in full blown tremors, thinking of that bodacious butt, those arms, that hair, that uh… sword…… Gakkkk.
    (choking on drool)
    On the bright side – my dreams tonight should be ever so memorable.