January 22nd, 2007
My Muse (That Bastard!)

I finished Whisper of the Blade for EC yesterday, happily sent it off, and eased into the wonderful bliss that accompanies the completion of a work and the fulfillment of a contract. I love that short time between projects when you can relax and recharge your creative batteries a little.

But yesterday evening I began to see this scene in my head. It got stuck in there like a song you’re obsessively playing in your mind. I could see everything so clearly. So this morning I gave in and wrote the scene, thinking I just needed to get it out of my head…then kept writing. It was like the words became tribbles or something. I rarely have this happen. Normally writing is hard for me because I over-think everything. It doesn’t just come this way.

The bottom line is that now I feel a compulsive urge to write this story, which is GREAT except for a couple different things…

A.) I have two sequels to write for EC and people keep emailing me about them–the sequel to Ordinary Charm and the sequel to Blood of the Damned.

B.) I have a book for Berkley to write and I really, really, really want to write it, but I need to wait to make sure the proposal for Witch Blood (that would be the sequel to Witch Fire) is acceptable first.

C.) I have been robbed of my Between Project Downtime.

I really need to put my muse over my knee and spank his tanned, muscular butt. I mean, how rude!!

But, hey, I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. As long as I have the time, (and the words are making like tribbles), I’ll follow this trail wherever it leads.

2 comments to “My Muse (That Bastard!)”

  1. oops – i put me comment in the wrong place… see previous blog entry cuz all the drool is NOT for the cat butt.

  2. Anya, when a story pours of you like that, it was meant to be written, woman! Don’t you know that? 🙂 Congrats on getting your EC book done.