January 25th, 2007
Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Should Be Ashamed Of (but I’m not)


1. Watching every single episode of Survivor EVER (Well, pretty damn close anyway)


2. Singing along to Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas and knowing all the words.


3. Loving Nickleback (because all their songs sound the same, but I like them anyway. Plus, I think Chad Kroeger has a really sexy voice.)


4. Picking all the chocolate chunks out of my husband’s pint of Chunky Monkey ice cream and putting it back in the freezer.


5. Did I mention I know all the words to Low Rider by War?


6. Ordering green olive and pepperoni pizza, heavy on the green olives and pepperoni (and cheese).


7. Reading the headlines of the trashy magazines in the grocery store line with interest.


8. Wearing clothes that I’ve had since 1997 because I hate shopping.


9. Being a wine snob (sorry, it comes from having a bunch of Europeans in the family)


10. Yet loving Spaghettios waaaay more than I should.


11. Going to psychics and tarot card readers. (I admit it. I’m totally addicted)


12. Loving really dumb movies like American Pie, Beerfest and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. They make me laugh like a crazed hyena.


13. Having some kind of fear of stamps that renders me unable to write letters or send Christmas cards. (okay, I’m kind of ashamed of this one.)

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13 comments to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Great TT, some of those made me laugh..I’m going to have to google the words to Low Rider now. I played too.

  2. Nothing there you need to be ashamed of!
    People are just jealous!
    Happy TT!

  3. I love dumb movies. In fact, we’re getting Talladega Nights from Blockbuster this weekend. We’re getting that and Nacho Libre. We decided it was that kind of weekend.

  4. TVaddictgurl — I LOVE Talladega Nights. (Crazed hyena). Nacho Libre was okay, but not nearly as good as Napolean Dynamite.

  5. Love the TT! I can also sing along with Carry On My Wayward Son, and I do love a good dumb movie. 🙂

  6. a fear of STAMPS? Anya, you’re weirder than i thought.


    as to the tabloid thing… who can help it? it’s like watching a train wreck

  7. Hilarious! I can so relate to these.

    I, too, have a wardrobe circa 1997. At least a professional/career wardrobe. I had my first child in 1998, then ended up staying home with the three and not needing “work” clothes. I just got a new job and am staring at my closet, realizing I have NOTHING appropriate to wear. Guess that means I have to go shopping. Sob.

  8. Well, you know I’ll toss up the devil horns and sing along with you while watching topless vampires any old day of the week.

  9. Charlie and I love dumb movies too. We also watch every kid movie that comes out, even though we don’t have little kids in the house anymore. Probably because we have juvenile minds *snort*

    And I really like spaghettios. 😉

  10. These are great… but honey – you’re a light-weight. I don’t see a single shameful thang in that list – well except maybe the pizza thing. What were you thinking Anya? Where are the ‘shrooms??
    Me and clothes – oye. I wouldn’t know a name brand if a Kate Spade (had to look that up) clobbered me over the head with a pointy heel. And diamonds bore me. I love handmade, funky jewelry – especially handblown glass stuff. I know – not liking diamonds kicks me out of the girls’ club. (Hanging head now.)

  11. Don’t apologize for being a wine snob! I think all Americans should be more food snobs because everytime I go abroad, I’m just amazed at what crap Americans accept for food. Stupid MegaAgroFood businesses.

    (Can you tell when it comes to food, I’m just a leeeetly bit insane:)

  12. Oh, I love Nickleback!

    And 1997? I still have a pair of jeans I bought in 1991. I have pictures of me in highschool wearing clothing I still own!

  13. It is your life–never be ashamed to do what you want..Fear of stamps is odd though–I wondered if their was a phobia name for it, coudn’t find it, but did find this— Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. Isn’t that weird.