January 31st, 2007
Non-rage Inducing Alarm Clocks (A Very Good Thing)

Our Zen Alarm clock broke a couple days ago and my husband and I mourned.

We’d had it for a long time, about 7 years, and it had undergone lots of abuse…mostly from the cats. Cats abuse everything. We’re continually having to replace our blinds because little kittehs like to stick their little kitteh heads through them to look out the window and break the slats in the process (tangent).

Anyway, we love the Zen Alarm clock (no, I get no money for sounding like commercial here) because we hate — with burning passion of a thousand, million suns — waking to the obnoxious, annoying ZHUNN!!! ZHUNN!!! ZHUNN!!! ZHUNN!!! of your standard digital alarm.

Neither do we enjoy waking to music or talk radio. I can STILL remember the Braunschweiger and Old Home Cottage Cheese commercials that were always on the radio as I awoke as a child. If I hear anything about Braunschwieger or Old Home Cottage Cheese to this day, it sends me into a violent fit. (tangent)

So, when we lost our beloved Zen Alarm clock, we sat on the bed with the object between us and stared mournfully down at it. I just ordered a new one. *Sigh*

They’re good, too, if you’re like me and dream vividly. I want to remember my dreams in the morning and being jarred from my sleep by ZHUNN!!! ZHUNN!!! ZHUNN!!! ZHUNN!!! is not conducive to this. It, in fact, ruins my whole day. The Zen Alarm clock awakens you gently with carefully spaced ting, ting, tings that are graduated in volume.

Best of all, even if I hear ting, ting, ting, sometime throughout my day, I am not catapulted into an instant rage, like a red flag waved in front of a bull, as I am with the aforementioned commercials. I think this is a Very Good Thing. Anything to make life a little more pleasant, you know?

I know this post had nothing whatsoever to do with writing. But, now, I am off to write.

5 comments to “Non-rage Inducing Alarm Clocks (A Very Good Thing)”

  1. I’m with Jaci and Jenn – totally not a morning person and I resent having to get up as early as I do every morning. It’s ugly. It’s painful. It’s only possible because my alarm screams loud rock music at me and drives me out of the bed….after muliple bitch-slaps to the snooze button, of course.

  2. argh – i lost my funny alarm clock story. Sigh. No way to recreate it. The moment (no time puns intended) is gone. Summarize: loud evil alarm clock necessary to wake the medusa.

  3. Whoa. That sounds way too calm, peaceful, zen-like. In other words, if it isn’t a tornado siren, it won’t wake me. *g*

    But cool that it works for you. May your Zen arrive swiftly to your doorstep.

    Me…I need a fire alarm. 😉

  4. My husband doesn’t need an alarm clock. He’s one of those freaky people who just wakes up at the right time, as opposed to 5 minutes after he should have left the house.

    Personally, I need a loud noise and 4 or 5 cracks at the snooze button.

  5. Rhian — LOL. I would commit murder waking up that way….

    Jaci — Thanks for the good wishes for the state of my zen…. 🙂

    Jenn — My husband and I are freaky people like that too. In fact, we won’t have the new alarm clock for the next two weeks. For the interim, we’ll just wake up at the right time anyway. 🙂 The alarm clock is just an insurance policy, really.