February 1st, 2007
A Photographic Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Pictures (Okay…I just noticed I skipped number eleven…but, oh well.)

Please excuse the excessive amount of pet pictures.

1. Oh, lookit! There's one now...if you can find him. Oh, lookit! There’s one now…if you can find him.

2. Me, with red highlights in my hair (that lasted about two weeks before the blond ate them) and my glasses on.

3. Dog! She looks sad in this picture, but …

4. …. she’s actually a really happy dog.

5. Oh, look, it’s a twofer! A cat and a dog.

6. My work area. It’s much tider in this picture than normal and I’m really not sure why I have my laptop in there. I don’t normally need two computers at once.

7. Me, having a bad hair day, with a mime in Brussels.

8. Wiggle. My official contest mascot and walk-on character in Ordinary Charm. (He had a cameo in that book)

9. Me, having yet another bad hair day, at the base of the Effel Tower with my husband.

10. At a booksigning in Tennesee. I’m the one with my head bent over, signing a book. The other author is the talented historical romance author Heather Grothaus. Heather, I apologize for posting this pic while you were mid-word. My only other pic from this signing has Shiloh Walker in it and I know she’ll skin me if I post it. I value my skin.

12. A booksigning in Ohio. I’m on the left. The other authors are (left to right), JC Wilder, Charlotte Boyett Compo and Paige Cuccaro.

13. We will end with the Maverick Authors — from left to right is Lauren Dane, Anya Bast (that would be me) & Megan Hart.

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10 comments to “A Photographic Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Like the animal shots! 🙂

  2. wahoo – what a great thirteen!!! And i want your dog. Seriously. #5. Exactly what i’ve been looking for. Him beeeaaaauuuuuutimous!
    Photo number 13 is great oo – betcha that group can stir up some trouble… Heh.

  3. This is the coolest T-Thirteen I’ve seen so far, Anya. What fabulous pictures!

    By the way, if my hair looked like yours on what you call a bad hair day I’d be mighty damn happy!

    And that pristine workspace of yours…sheesh! Woman, do you have any idea just how bad you’ve made the rest of us messy, disorganized writers look? LOL

  4. Looks at my desk, looks at picture of yours, sighs.

    Mine is up, btw. Thirteen things I say too much and god/dess knows you’ve probably heard a lot of them (minus the ones I use on my kids)

    I just love Sedna!

    BTW, we need to go to Vegas again!~

  5. I love your pet pictures! #5 is the sweetest thing ever!!!!

  6. who cares if it’s a bad hair day… you’re at the eifel tower.


  7. Fun pics! and you’re right, Shi woulda skinned you alive. Did I ever send you the pic of us at RT? I’m up, swing by!

  8. I love the kitty hiding in the covers. That’s so adorable.

    And you’re so cute. You don’t take bad pics.

    And why is your desk so neat and tidy?

  9. I have a comforter that goes with those sheets!
    Wish I had the cute little kitty to peek out at me too >G

  10. 13 pictures! What a neat idea.

    I remember wiggle. He looks just like I imagined he would.