February 14th, 2007

Some people scorn Valentine’s Day as a commercial holiday, some embrace it as a celebration of romantic love. Some people hate Valentine’s Day because they haven’t yet found anyone yet to share it with. Whatever you think of Valentine’s Day, here is it. Again.

My opinion of the holiday falls somewhere in the middle. I note it, buy a gift for my honey, accept his gift to me and move on. If my honey doesn’t buy me a gift…HE’S IN REALLY BIG TROUBLE!!!!! Ahem. Just kidding. Seriously, I don’t really care about V-Day. *koff* Really.

But Valentine’s Day has me thinking about love in all its various forms — ALL forms of love, not just romantic love. There is motherly love, sisterly and brotherly love. There is the love we feel for our friends, our pets. There is the love we hopefully feel for ourselves.

However, this Valentine’s Day I find myself thinking a lot about the kind of love I have with my husband. Something I would term “mature love”.

Ugh. I feel old now.

Anyway, after over a dozen years of being together I would say that the blush is definitely off the rose. Oh, we have our moments of return to that giddy place when we were first together, when passion ran high and my heart beat faster just because of his presence. But, let’s face it, that kind of love doesn’t last…and thank goddess! Otherwise we’d all have heart attacks five years into our relationships.

No, my husband and I have that enduring, settled, I-can-finish-your-sentence kind of love. The kind of love that has weathered storms that made our relationship stronger. The kind of love that is comfortable and based in deep friendship. My husband is my best friend and I know he’s got my back as we progress through life. Just as I have his back. (No! That’s NOT what I meant, you perves! I mean we’re protective and supportive of each other.)

Even though he and I are different personality-wise and we’ve found a way to make that work. We complement each other and give the other what we, individually, don’t possess in our personalities.

So, I guess I’m giving up a little yay for the more “seasoned” type of love this year…even though it makes me feel old. (I got married young, peoples!)

This Valentine’s Day, I hope you DO celebrate. Who cares if it’s commercialized! What holiday isn’t? Today is just one more excuse to honor love, in any form, and that’s never a bad thing.

If you don’t have a sweetheart, celebrate anyway. Celebrate yourself. Treat yourself to something nice, a bubble bath and a glass of wine. Give yourself the evening to do whatever it is you want to do and free yourself from chores and responsibilities.

If you have a friend you’ve been meaning to call, call him or her! If you have a pet, buy her some cat nip or a dog toy.

Celebrate the luuuurve, people!

And, so, to show my readers that I love and appreciate them, I’m having a contest. Send me an email at anyabast (at) gmail.com sometime before Friday, February 16th and put LOVE in the subject line and I will hold a drawing for a free download from my backlist.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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