March 1st, 2007
An Apology

I apologize for missing my Writerspace chat last night. I had a family emergency that kept me away and one that I am still dealing with today. I’m so very sorry for all of you that made the effort to be there. I appreciate you all so much.

If you attended the chat last night, email me at anyabast (at) and I’ll think up a special contest for you all.  When I can, I’ll reschedule a chat.

5 comments to “An Apology”

  1. I wasn’t at the chat Anya, but I hope everything is okay? Sending good mojo wishes your way….

  2. Anya, you take care of you and your family and I hope things get better. I hope too everyone will be ok. Hugs.

  3. I hope that things are getting better. Best wishes.

  4. I wasn’t at this chat, Anya, but I read your post and got concerned. I sincerely hope all is well. Take care, my friend.

  5. Thanks for your concern, all! I’m fine. Family’s fine. 🙂