March 7th, 2007
Books! Books! Books!

First, our word of the day…just because I like it.

lum·pen·pro·le·tar·i·at (lmpn-prl-târt, lm-)


1. The lowest, most degraded stratum of the proletariat. Used originally in Marxist theory to describe those members of the proletariat, especially criminals, vagrants, and the unemployed, who lacked class consciousness.

2. The underclass of a human population.


So the next time you get in an argument with someone you have a new insult at your disposal, (sounding like a total noob using it is just a bonus). “You, sir, are an utter lumpenproletariat!” It’s bound to kill their response right in their throat.


Books I have read/are reading….


Ain’t She Sweet, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.


I know this is an older book, but I’m just getting around to reading it now. I’m new to Susan Elizabeth Phillips and, wow!, I like her. Here’s the thing about this book…it is chalk FULL of “gray” characters, characters who aren’t good or bad, but flavored purely human. They do horrible things sometimes out of fear and selfishness, yet the author takes these people and manages to make them all sympathetic. I don’t normally read non-paranormal contemporary romance, but I was intrigued by the main character of this story, Sugar Beth Carey, a girl I would’ve hated with passion in high school. (I definitely knew a few Sugar Beth Carey’s in my day) Phillips made me like her by page twenty. That’s saying something.


Hitting the Mark, by Jill Monroe


I just started this one, so I can’t give a full review of it yet. Mostly I wanted to talk about her book trailer, which you can see here. GREAT book trailer. I probably would not have sought out this book at the bookstore had I not seen it. Totally sold me. I love books about con artists (even ones who aren’t but appear to be at first blush) anyway. Again, I don’t normally read non-paranormal contemporary, but I love Blaze. They’re like irresistible dark chocolate candies. Mmmmmm.


Blood Bound, by Patricia Briggs


I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. I really enjoyed it. It’s more urban fantasy than anything else, but I love fantasy of any kind. I don’t have a whole lot specific to say other than, dude, buy it. (Sequel to Moon Called)



6 comments to “Books! Books! Books!”

  1. Uh… It’s like a tongue-twister. I can’t even pronounce it. *lol*

  2. It makes me think of Lumpa-Lumpas… How about that, “You lumpa-lumpa-proletariat!”

    Are you in the Samuel or Adam camp?

  3. Glad you liked the trailer. It was actaully a lot of fun to make! Hope you enjoy the book.

    Now all I want is chocolate.

  4. Tempest — It does have a few more syllables that I consider sane.

    Miladyinsanity — Samuel or Adam? If they’re hot, both of them? 😉 Okay, you lost me there.

    Jill — I loved Hitting the Mark! I finished it in A DAY. I rarely do that. Awesome premise. And thanks for giving me some hours of luscious escape. 🙂

  5. Anya you made my day. I’m so glad you liked it. I had a lot of fun writing that book.

  6. Anya, I was talking about Blood Bound. Adam Hauptman (the local pack’s alpha) or Samuel, he who’s now living with Mercy? Sorry, I didn’t make it clear.