March 15th, 2007
Thursday Thirteen!


Thirteen Things I can’t live without (or wouldn’t want to, at least). (not in any particular order or importance)


1. Writing — I think I’d go crazy without the ability to write. The thought of one day having arthritis sends me into paroxysms of fear.

2. Reading — My one most pleasurable past time. I can’t sleep at night if I haven’t read at least one page of a page. It’s something my husband (a non-reader) just doesn’t get.

3. Sex — Enough said

4. A cat — I need a feline in my life. I’m lucky enough to have been chosen by 7 of them. They help me cope with life by cuddling with me, purring at me and making me laugh every single day.

5. A sense of humor and irreverence — I couldn’t get through this life with these things. Sometimes, when things seem their darkest, you just have to laugh. You just have to. This life is far too mysterious and complicated to take seriously.

6. The ability to live moment-by-moment — see above. Another coping strategy. If you can concentrate on this moment right here, you can get through most any kind of stress.

7. Meditation — It does a body (and mind) good.

8. Water — I love water. Show me a pool or bathtub full of warm water and I’ll show you a happy Anya.

9. Dark chocolate — I know, it’s such a cliche. All the same, I love me some fine dark chocolate, the kind that’s so dark it’s almost bitter.

10. Wine — Mmmmm. Red wine. I love the red wine that comes from the Côtes du Rhône the best.

11. Good food — Cheese. I love all kinds of cheese, but not the truly stinky stuff like Limburger. Unfortunately, my husband likes those. Bleh. I’ll do any variety of the rest, though — Camembert, Brie, Bleu, plain old cheddar. I love the big gourmet olives, and well, the culinary list goes one.

12. Pajama pants, slipper socks and soft, many-times-washed sweatshirt — my official writing uniform. I would also put well-washed Gap jeans on here too.

13. Lingerie — I’m a lingerie fanatic. Victoria’s Secret knows me well.

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12 comments to “Thursday Thirteen!”

  1. First time visit to your site! Will bookmark to come back – can see there’s lots of yummy reading to do. I love my pj’s, wine, reading, and good cheese too.

    My list is up – all about chickens, art and life.

  2. Great list and I love this blog!

  3. What’s your favorite dark chocolate bar? I’m liking El Rey’s Apamate and Valrhona’s Manjari for eating at the moment. But it’ll change. 😉

  4. ooohhhhh good list. Except the cat. Hey, maybe you wanna come meet my cat and see if he chooses you over me?

    Psycho cat.

    Except the bratlet would never forgive me.

  5. Great list. Replace “cat” with “dog” and I don’t think I could (or would want to) live without most of those things either.
    Happy TT! 🙂

  6. I couldn’t live without my internet! I’m glad I’m married to a computer guy because when I lose connection I call him freaking out!

  7. Kewl! Internets, wine, water, cheese, sex – I knew I loved you.

  8. I’m with you all the way, throw in a bubble bath and champers and it would be perfect.

  9. Love it, Anya! Trade the Red Wine for Hard Cider and we’d have just about identical lists.

    I’m up. Have a Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  10. Christine — I’m off to check out your blog. 🙂

    Amy — Thanks!

    miladyinsanity – Being an honory Beglian (married to one) I’ll have to go with Cote D’or!

    Shi — Cats rules, dogs drool. Heh. Actually I love dogs too.

    Ingela!! It’s so nice to “see” you, sweetie!!

    L-Squared — I almost put my pup on there too. My list could’ve have been very long. 🙂

    Qtpies7 — Internet!! I forget that one.

    Raggedy — I’ll check it out!

    Lauren — Back at you, babe.

    Robyn — I’m all about the bubble baths too. 🙂

    Hi Anni *waves*

  11. Love your list Anya!

    I have to agree with writing, reading, sense of humor, cats, sex, wine, food, ohhh…pretty much the whole thing! LOL

  12. Wonderful list. We have much in common.
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT’ing!
    (“)_ (“)Š