March 21st, 2007
Leave of Absence

For very, very GOOD (and joyous!) reasons, this blog is taking a brief leave of absence.

I’ll be back, though. I always come back. I’m like a boomerang that way.

7 comments to “Leave of Absence”

  1. we will miss you.
    i look forward to reading your blog everyday at work.

    we will miss you and be excited when you come back!

  2. WOOOOOO! I can’t wait until you return. Smooches to you guys.

  3. Oooh, I’m so excited. Anya, please email me when you get back. I want to send you something. Hugs that your trip goes well.

  4. Have a wonderful hiatus.

  5. oh dang. i get back from my absence to find you gone. Can’t wait to hear the good news and you WILL be missed!

  6. Will miss you. But congrats on the joyous news!

  7. Enjoy your hiatus!