April 9th, 2007
I’m Baaaaaaack…..

Where was I? Dude, I was halfway around the world in Asia. Half. Way. Around. The. World! I have hella jet lag, I can’t even tell you and, oh, by the way…I’m a mommy now. 🙂

So, yes, I’m back and blogging again but bear with me while I get my inner clock readjusted and I get my mommy legs under me.

14 comments to “I’m Baaaaaaack…..”

  1. Welcome back, sweetie!

  2. You went to China? Hong Kong? Taiwan?

    Sorry, I’m awfully curious.

    Welcome back!

  3. All of the above! Eeeeeeeee.

  4. Can’t wait to find out more, Anya!

  5. How nice to have you back, Anya. And as the bearer of such happy news!

  6. YAY!!! I ,issed you! And it sounds like you brought the best kind of news home! Details!!!!

  7. that was “missed” – i missed you, not issed you. Hello – coffee????

  8. yeahh!!!!! welcome home to both you and the new addition! hope you had a blast over in Asia. we missed you!

  9. I was hoping that was the reason for not being around. Welcome back.


    So, what’s the stats? Girl, boy, age, name and anything else a mom would want to tell.

    How is Daddy handling it?

  10. Congratulations! and Welcome back!

    Can’t wait to hear more!!


  11. Wow, big congrats!!!!

  12. Welcome home — Mommy!!! *VBG*

    I’m so anxious for the details, but I can just imagine how busy you must be! I’ll stay tuned….


  13. A huge welcome home, Anya!! I am so happy to hear the trip went well and all three of you are happily back home again. I would love to see more pictures of your new little sweetie (not sure if I am allowed to mention the name/gender yet) as time allows. I am super pleased for all of you.

    Congrats Mommy!! 🙂

  14. THANKS YOU ALL!!!!!!! *Feeling the luuurve*