April 18th, 2007
Time Management and Baby

So I racked my brain trying to come up with a blog that didn’t involve baby poop. Because, while I’m fairly obsessed with that subject right now, I’m sure most of you reading this blog aren’t as enthralled. 

Baby S is doing very well. She’s a generally happy, “easy” baby (knock on wood) who loves to cuddle, loves our cats and dog (whew!) and is juuuuust starting to figure out that toys can be fun. She’s under a year old and her life in our home is a huge change from where she spent the first months of her life. Still, she’s doing remarkably well. It’s amazing how adaptable babies are. It’s also amazing how quick and strong they flourish and blossom when attention and love are completely focused on them. 

Slipping into my new role as mother to this beautiful little girl doesn’t mean I shed my role as author with a writing career I care a great deal about. I am an author with deadlines! So while I learn to parent, I’m also learning how to better manage my time.

So far this means far less frivolities for me during the day. My time now is scheduled for my daughter’s benefit–because she needs routine. So these days when I have writing time…I WRITE. No more allowing myself to be distracted by other things. I find myself more focused, more centered…and more productive. 

Whoa, seriously, I said more productive. Wild, huh? But I’m finding that I no longer take my time for granted. Not when I’m playing with my new daughter, and not when I have writing time either.

Could it be that parenthood might actually increase my productivity? It seems too good to be true and yet so far…. 

Time will tell. It always does.

5 comments to “Time Management and Baby”

  1. I have to say I’m at my most productive when I’m very busy probably because I know I don’t have time to waste so I make use of every moment.

    I’m glad you three are settling into a routine and that sweet baby girl is doing so well.

  2. *beams*

    Glad to know you and Baby S are good!

    Also, you’re not the only person who’s found that baby equals increased productivity. Vicki Pettersson said something like that too.

    PS I’ll send you the questions ASAP so you have as much time as possible to deal with them.

  3. Baby poop? Na, those of us that are mom’s know how important it is.

    I am so glad baby S is adapting so well. Babie’s are wonderous people. I’m sure you are having fun adjusting as well. It gets easier.


  4. My dh and I quickly discovered, to our surprise, how matter-of-factly we came to compare notes about baby poop….

    Congratulations on your focus for both baby and writing! I think your experience working under deadlines will stand you in good stead. There will probably still be days where you feel the need to space out just to let your brain catch up … don’t be alarmed if that happens! Give yourself a break when you need it. You’ve just taken on the world’s most important job, so you’re entitled. 🙂

    Sharing your joy!


  5. Lauren — Yeah, interesting how having a baby puts time into perspective. 🙂

    Milady I — Thankee hon! I owe you an email too.

    Daun Ann — I could go oooon and ooon about baby poop. Trust me, you don’t hear it. LOL.

    Sierra — Oh, yeah, I’m taking it kind of easy right now. We’re still getting to know each other. But I am writing! I’m amazed at that. I figured I wouldn’t be able to for a while. Kisses!