April 24th, 2007
Four Stars for Witch Fire!!

I have just one thing to say first. Why, oh, why does the spitup always come AFTER you take the bib off?

Okay, onto the Yeeha!

Romantic Times BOOK Reviews gives Witch Fire four stars in their latest issue!

“Sizzling suspense and sexy magic are sure to propel this hot new series onto the charts. These characters definitely have baggage, which only makes their relationship growth more interesting. Bast is a talent to watch, and her magical world is one to revisit.” – Jill M. Smith

Witch Fire releases officially on June 5th, but you can preorder it now from AMAZON.COM (and other book retailers).

3 comments to “Four Stars for Witch Fire!!”

  1. YAHOO on the 4 stars. You DESERVE it.

    Now about the spit-up, they like keeping you on your toes. Keep the bib on just a little bit longer. 😉

  2. Now you tell me! 😉

  3. And Anya…> I don’t have this for… what reason?