April 30th, 2007

That’s the sound I make when I realize WordPress has inexplicably DELETED MY WIDGETS! Widgets are the side bar links, y’all. They’re gone. ALL of them. Damn it.

Come back, widgets! Cooooome baaaack! *sigh* A woman’s widgets are sacred. You just don’t a touch a person’s widgets that way.

Eh. So, anyway, if they don’t pop back I’ll get busy recreating my links here in a couple days. It might take me awhile since Baby S REALLY wants to play with my lap top, so I’m constantly fending off tiny fingers from my keyboard.

If you think your blog or web site should be linked, let me know in the comments.

5 comments to “NAAAAUUUUGH!!!!!!”

  1. Hugs.

    That’s weird. Links don’t come under widgets, do they? Don’t you have a separate “bookmarks” page?

  2. Er…nooooooo. I’m gathering I SHOULD, however. Argh.

  3. Yikes. Sorry to hear that. I have absolutely no helpful suggestions. If the same happened to me I think I’d be totally screwed.

  4. i’m with Seeley – i would be a total mess. Reminds me of the time outlook ate all my email addresses… shudder!
    Sorry Anya – what a total pain in the patooty.

  5. Oh, well. Into each life a little widgety angst must fall. I just hope I can remember all the sites and blogs I had bookmarked. Doikes!