May 3rd, 2007
Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Odd Facts About Me


1. When my mother pressured me to select a musical instrument in middle school, I picked the tuba just to irritate her.


2. I am addicted to Survivor, but it’s the only TV show I watch.


3. Strong wind freaks me out.


4. I wrote my first “book” when I was ten or eleven (I forget). It was called the Barn Cat Chronicles.


5. I am owned by 8 cats, all of them rescues except one.


6. I have written twenty two books.


7. I don’t really like any kind of chocolate except dark.


8. I love the rain and thunderstorms.


9. …really want to visit Peru and Wales.


10. Have a very intense negative physical reaction to seeing rape depicted in fiction or in film.


11. Have very strong political opinions, but never talk about them on my blog.


12. Was on my high school newspaper.


13. Was on my high school figure skating team too.


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9 comments to “Thursday Thirteen!”

  1. I was on my high school newspaper too, Anya, as well as on my grade school newspaper. But then I got to your figure skating mention after that and I really had to laugh because the similarities ended there. I was the world’s biggest klutz in high school and the only time I tried to ice skate it was not a pretty sight. LOL

  2. I knew you were good people. Number 7 confirms it. 😉

  3. The Barn Cat Chronicles? That has best seller written all over it!

  4. I had to laugh at the tuba incident. How did that work out for you?

  5. Your HS had a figure skating team? I’d never heard of that before. Sounds like fun! I was editor of my HS newspaper and played on the Women’s Hockey team in college. Funny about picking the tuba! I would have done that, too.

  6. The fact that Survivor is the only TV show you watch, which is shocking, is easily offset by rescuing 7 cats!

  7. #1 made me laugh. Of all instruments, a tuba? LOL!

    I lived in Wales last year and it’s cool Much less expensive than good ol’ England 🙂 I loved the countryside!

    Happy Thursday!

  8. 22 books huh? no wonder you have your own crate in my storage unit. grin! you know it would be fun to see who all worked on their high school news papers. I was editor for two years…. maybe that’s where i got the take charge bug.

  9. LOL I cracked up with the tube incident. I worked on the high school newspaper as well.

    I’m new to cats. We adopted our first cat last July. I’m slave to a diva kitty.

    Lany aka Mechele Armstrong