May 30th, 2007
And a note….

Apparently Witch Fire is one of the featured novels in the freebie Borders Books & Music “Romance Top Picks” pamphlet. I am actually not familiar with this publication, but this is what I was told by someone this morning. They give it away at the front door or at the counter or something? In any case, there’s a $1 dollar off coupon you can use on any of the titles in the booklet, so grab one and you can get a buck off Witch Fire.

Oh, and it seems Witch Fire is starting to ship to the bookstores. *gulp* Not sure when they’ll put it on the shelves.

Ask me if I’m nervous. G’wan, ask me.

8 comments to “And a note….”

  1. Don’t worry so!

    It’s good!

  2. nervous?
    There is nothing to be nervous about. its not like your little girl (who I was jipped out of seeing) is going off to her first day of kindergarden or anything.

    THAT you can be nervous about.
    but you know what they say, if you aren’t nervous about it, then it isn’t worth doing and you really don’t care about it. so it just goes to show that you put out a great book and care about it!

  3. Thank you!! The nervousness comes with every book I release, ebook or mass market. 🙂

  4. i took a pic for you – now if i can just get the dang thing off the cellphone. It was in Books A Mill this morning. There were only three copies (what’s up with that? Advance orders?) so i sorta re-arranged the shelf with all three facing out so everyone would see them right away. grin!
    Will email you picture tonight after my son takes pity on me and downloads it.
    (i’m so excited!!! Squeee!)

  5. Wow, that’s for sure, Barb. First day of kindergarten…ack!!! Luckily, that’s still a ways off. She’s all mine for a few more years. 🙂

    And you’re right, I care about all my books. Witch Fire is certainly no exception.

    Have a great day!

  6. Yay!! Thanks so much for the picture, Rhian. I actually did see the book in Waldens today. Luckily I was able to restrain myself from an embarassing Dance of Squee right there in the store. 🙂

  7. why worry, its gonna be great. Now i wonder how much you will be checking the amazon list for top 1000 or whatever it is they do

  8. Mmm,
    I want a man that’ll make me forget my own name in bed.