May 31st, 2007
Thursday Thirteen — First Lines

Thirteen First (or first and second) Lines from my books.

Idea shamelessly stolen from NJ Walters, who did the same thing last week.


1. He looked like sin and seemed like salvation. Salvation for her sluggish libido, anyway. (Witch Fire)

2. The cup slipped from Moira’s fingers and crashed to the wooden floor of her home. (A Change of Season

3. Bianca sat on the floor of the crumbling building where she’d taken shelter. Her solar-powered lantern cast a dim light, bathing the bleached walls of the room in an eerie glow. (Water Crystal)

4. The blade could injure the wind itself. (Whisper of the Blade)

5. Mason downed the shot of whiskey in front of him and relished the burn of the alcohol down his throat. (Seduced in Twilight)

6. Jade’s heavy boots clanged on the metal walkway as she trekked across the heart of Harcourt Prison. All around her men stood at the bars of their cells catcalling and shouting obscenities. (Blood of the Damned)

7. Serena fought back a hard twinge of loneliness as she pushed aside a branch and stepped into the grove of oak trees that grew in the exact center of her thousand-acre property. (Ordinary Charm)

8. Ben had never believed in fate or destiny, not love at first sight. Hell, he’d never even believed in love. Codependency, maybe, but not love. He thought it was a myth, love. Just some name people gave to lust on steroids. (Edge of Sweetness)

9. Theo watched the glass slip from Miranda’s fingers and crash to the floor as the goblin walked into the restaurant. (Tempted by Two)

10. If only he could’ve fallen for a woman like that one. (Blood of an Angel)

11. Still a virgin. Was I destined to remain a virgin for the rest of my pathetic, royal life? (Getting Slayed)

12. Sienne glanced up, then lowered her eyes as was proper, but in that moment she memorized the visage of the man who would be her temporary keeper. (Winter Pleasures: The Capture)

13. “He can make you forget your own name in bed.”
Fate snapped out of her reverie and blinked at her acquaintance, Cynthia Hamilton. “Excuse me?” (Blood of the Raven)

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13 comments to “Thursday Thirteen — First Lines”

  1. This just reminds me that you have a lot of great books 🙂

  2. oh this was a great idea, it makes me interested in more and more books now

  3. Oohh… very good lines. The first is my favorite. It just rolls so well.

  4. I cannot wait for Blood of the Damned in print – well Witch Fire too, LOL!

  5. #11 – was my fave until I read # 13!

  6. I love Number 4.

    But it was Blood of the Damned that was my first Anya book, so it gets props too. 😉

  7. I think I like the last one best, but they’re all intriguing.

    Oh, to have more time to read!

    Happy TT, Anya.

  8. Very good fist lines *G*

  9. Great one! But *sniff*, I’m gonna miss you guys this weekend. I hope you have a BLAST and take tons of pics so I can live vicariously through them. 😛

    And ps – I hate how I have to wait until I get home to read yours. You’re considered an “adult site” at work. 😛

  10. I did a TT on books

  11. Hey Kate — I’m sorry we’re missing you this weekend!

  12. I stole this from NJ as well. lol

  13. I’m so glad you posted this! I think it shows that a first line can be great but you really need two lines to set up the tale. Sigh. I’m a contestant in American Title IV and I do love my first line but I wish we could have had the first paragraph to set up the tone, scope, and characters of the novel. However, the contest is the FIRST LINE.

    Grr! That really isn’t enough. Anyway, just caught your blog on search and wanted to post about that but also wanted to say I love your first lines! I’ve only read one of your books and I enjoyed not only the first line, but the last!

    Anitra Lynn McLeod