June 3rd, 2007
Lori Foster’s Get Together

What a blast! I’m so happy I got to meet some of you, like Melissa, Barb, Andrea, Deb, Pam and so many others. I met some awesome new authors (and bought new books!), and I also sold out of Witch Fire at the booksigning, which¬† made me very squeeful.

Here are a few photos…

That’s Pam K and I.

Pam with the basket of mine she won in the raffle.

The incomparable J.C. Wilder, the wonderful Lauren Dane and the charming Isabo Kelly (It was the first time I’ve met Isabo. She’s delightful).

The lovely quilt with book covers they raffled off for charity.

I’ll definitely be going back next year!

3 comments to “Lori Foster’s Get Together”

  1. Saw your cover for Witch Fire. Looks gorgeous! I put it on my list of books to buy! I just love witch books!

  2. YEA! looks like fun! glad you had a good time. even gladder (is that a word?) that you are back!

  3. Hi Cynthia — Thanks! I love that cover. They did a fabulous job with that one.

    Barb — Thank you! I’m very happy to be back!