June 5th, 2007
Dear Reader….

Dear Reader,

I’ve been asked many times in recent weeks why I wrote Witch Fire. The answer is simple. I wrote Witch Fire because Jack McAllister wouldn’t be denied. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes authors are stalked by characters who demand to have their stories told.

Jack hung around the periphery of my mind for a long time, at first just a wisp of an idea. It wasn’t until I dug a little into his personality–his past, his likes and dislikes–that he began to truly take shape. In the process of discovering Jack, the plot for Witch Fire emerged. I couldn’t turn back once that happened. Jack needed his story told, needed closure…really needed a good woman and, most importantly, needed love.

If I fall a little in love with my characters while I’m writing them, especially with my hero, I think (hope, at least!) I’m doing something right. And I definitely fell a bit in love with Jack McAllister. It is my wish that you will do the same as you read him.

Not that Jack is perfect, far from it. Oh, he’s got his positives, no doubt about that. He’s protective, principled and strong. He’s well read, sensitive and intelligent, even has a sense of humor and a bit of an artistic soul. However, Jack has his flaws too. He’s got control and commitment issues, and he’s definitely carrying some baggage from his childhood. Lastly, he’s got a secret, a bad one.

But who wants a perfect man, anyway? Not Mira Hoskins, that’s for sure.

And Mira Hoskins, well, she might be the worst of Jack’s problems.

I hope you enjoy my first release from Berkley Sensation and the first book in this new series. Witch Fire was a joy to write and I sincerely hope I can pass just a little of that joy on to you.


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