June 7th, 2007
Thursday Thirteen

A To Be Read Pile Thursday Thirteen.


Photographic evidence…




Actually, this is misleading because some of these books I’ve already read/are reading.


So, really this Thursday Thirteen should be entitled Two Books Read, One Book Am Reading, Ten Eleven Books in To Be Read Pile. It’s a Thursday Fourteen.

Or we could just call it Anya’s Reading Addiction Thursday Thirteen.




  1. Ascension, by Lauren Dane — Which is an ebook, hence it is not in the picture, it is in my Reb 1100. I also cannot provide a buy link, since I have an ARC. Nyah. Nyah. So here’s the blurb and excerpt on her site. Ascension releases TOMORROW at Ellora’s Cave.

Okay, here’s a pic of the cover. I think it’s very pretty:


2. Magic Bites, by Ilona Andrews — In my already DEVOURED IN ONE SITTING read category. If you like Patricia Briggs, I certainly do, you will love Ilona Andrews. This is urban fantasy at its finest, with juuuust a touch of horror. I loved this book.

3. Hell’s Belles, by Jackie Kessler — Also in my already read category. I loved this one too. The concept was very interesting.

4. For a Few Demons More, Kim Harrison — In my currently reading category. It’s Kim Harrison. Need I say more?




Now here are the other books I have yet to read….

5. Rises the Night, Colleen Gleason

6. Stray, Rachel Vincent (Okay I actually kinda started this one already.)

7. Under a Wild Sky, Sasha Lord

8. When I Fall in Love, Lynn Kurland

9. Giving Chase, Lauren Dane (I already read this once. Now I’m going to read it again in paperback format)

10. Bad Girl Bridesmaids, Susanna Carr — Not my normal kind of book at all since they’re contemporary, non-paranormal short stories, but it looks good!

11. Hunters: Heart & Soul, Shiloh Walker

12. Master of Dragons, Angela Knight (I still have to buy)

13. The Sharing Knife, Lois McMaster Bujold (Still have to buy)


And one to grow on… Demon Moon, Meljean Brook. (Still have to buy)

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25 comments to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Nice list. I don’t think I’ve read any of those. Hmm, another TBR pile for me to look at.

  2. Ooh, nice list! Haven’t read any of those, though..maybe I’ll look at it after I finish my huge pile. I have a bad habit of starting multiple books at the same time and never getting around to finishing any of them. I stink!

  3. Great stack of books, Anya. I’ve read Lauren’s, which is fanastic, but none of the others.

  4. Great list!


    My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/

  5. OMG, your TBR stack is starting to look like MINE! LOL I’ve got, oh, say, FIFTY books on mine though, minimum. *G*

  6. Ooh, if you could see my TBR, you’d be pleased with yours! Mine’s out of control!!!

    Happy TT, Anya.

  7. just bought Rachel’s book – waited forever for it to hit the shelves! Loved Lauren’s and Jackie’s books, have Shiloh’s in my TBR pile. Never heard of Magic Bites…but I loved Patricia Briggs, so dang it, gonna have to hunt that one down and topple my pile.

  8. Ugh. Must do the tbr pile pic. Mine is hideous. So many books bought and need to be read.

    Oooh you have some rockin books on your pile though! I’ve read many of those. *grin*

    Congrats on Witch Fire’s release, Anya! One of the books heading my way from Amazon as we speak *wiggle*

  9. Love the photographic evidence!!


  10. Phew, your list makes my pile look a little bit better now. I have A Few Demons More and Rises the Night on my mental TBR pile, since I have to read a few more before I get to them chronologically. You are right, its Kim Harrison, need anyone say more.

  11. So many books!!! Once again I long to be a professional reader lol
    Wouldn’t that be great?

  12. My TBR list is way over the top… though Im readin Stray right now and while i dont normally enjoy shifter books, so far this has been quite amusing…


  13. so my TBR stack is actually a folder in my computer.
    i want to buy real paperback books, but alas the real books cost more and i am still digging myself out of college debt so yea. ebooks for me for a while still. everyonce in a while i get a paperback, but not as often as i want! and i want to read Shilohs!!!

  14. OMG, please don’t add more to my TBR list — Ascension and Master of Dragons are on mine already, and if I keep reading, I’ll never finish another book! 😀

  15. Wah. It ate my comment.

    Looks like somebody’s going to be busy this summer! 🙂

  16. Looks like you have a bit of reading to do. Neat way to do your TT!

  17. LOLOLOL I know what you mean…my TBR pile is starting to teeter a bit!!

    Nice stack! Er, so to speak. hahaha

  18. Proof that there are just too many great books out there!

  19. My TBR is WAY too big for that, lol…

  20. I’d like to read some of those too!

  21. Hee! I may have to do this next week for my TT! Thanks for the pimpage!

  22. I’m going tomorrow to Borders. I sooo hope they have Colleen’s second vampire hunter book. I can’t wait to read that one! 🙂

  23. Clever photo. I LOVE your site; the colors are gorgeous!

  24. I’ve read When I Fall In Love. It’s a fantastic read – as Kurland always is.

  25. Oh, love the idea of photographing your TBR. 🙂 Good list of books too.