June 14th, 2007
A few of my favorite words

I haven’t been blogging because I’m under deadline for Witch Blood and I have no Thursday Thirteen offering for you this week. Instead, I thought I’d give you…dross. Not literally. Actually dross is one of my favorite words. I’m not sure why, exactly.

Here are a few more of my favorite words:



Open (I especially love the combination open door)






What are some of your favorite words?

5 comments to “A few of my favorite words”

  1. Okay, some of my favorite words are: ice cream, bubble baths, showers, rain, puppies, raven/crow, tiger, wolf, flowers, spring, summer, beach, moon, water, fire, and runes. And yes, I use these words pretty often in my stories. Hehehe!

  2. plethora

    onomatopoeia (there really aren’t a lot of times you can use this word but it’s a good one *g* I love the way it rolls off the tongue)

  3. I love the way the word luscious just rolls off the tongue. (no offense Erin but onomatopoeia doesn’t really roll off my tongue, more like it trips *ggls*) Some of my other favorite words are delicious, smoochies, good and girl. (the last two sound wonderful together under the right circumstances *g*)

  4. Erin is always looking for an excuse to say plethora.

    I like myriad, and I’m also quite fond of exquisite

  5. cabbage? heh.

    some of my favorites are madeup words:
    lasterday (any day in the past)
    nasty (rhymes with tasty)

    i also use “uber” way too much.