June 14th, 2007
A quick note….

I finally saw Pan’s Labyrinth last.

What. A. Good. Movie.

It made me cry. There are only a handful of movies that can make me do that. In fact, What Dreams May Come and Love Actually are the only two that come to mind. Ugh. I cried almost from beginning to end when I saw What Dreams May Come in the theater. How embarrassing.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen Pan’s Labyrinth and you enjoy dark fantasy, NETFLIX IT NOW, or obtain it in whatever way you obtain your movies.

Now, back to Isabelle and Thomas. Their date with Berkley looms.

6 comments to “A quick note….”

  1. I always thought it looked like a good movie, just with a touch of the gross factor. And I cried a few times during Love Actually myself. OK, I will add Pan’s to my list.

  2. One of the computer wiz downloaded it into her computer, and I watched it. It was good, if a bit gross. *lol*

  3. I think he’s an amazing director. For one of the best, most haunting and atmospheric horror movies – try The Devil’s Backbone. AMAZING!

  4. I was a tad gross in places, but *whimper* it made me totally lose it at the end.

  5. This makes me giggle. You’ve posted this at a few places, but you forgot the word “night” in your first line. 🙂

    And it’s a horror movie? Eh, probably won’t watch it then. I actually threw up watching “The Hills Have Eyes”, it was so gruesome, and regular horror movies give me nightmares.

    And any movie with talking dolls. *shiver*

  6. Kate — I know I did! I’m too lazy to go fix it though. I figure it can be like a game, fill in the blank…last night, last week, last year, last trip to Mars. Whatever. 🙂 Have fun with it. LOL.