June 23rd, 2007
Why I always have a bra on my desk

That’s going to get me some weird Google hits.

My husband pointed out this morning that you can always tell where I’ve been working on my laptop during the day because there is at least one bra and one pair of shoes discarded there. I really hate bras. I’m not much of a shoe fan, either. So whenever I sit down, the first thing I do is shed both. So if one wants to see where I’ve been spending the most time in my house, just look for the bra.

I’m still deep in edits. My deadline is looming. This third revision is taking me longer than I initially thought it would. Plus, I’ve rewritten the end three times, but it looks like it needs one more go. One day, long after the book has run its course, I’ll post them all my web site, like the alternate endings to a movie on DVD. Heh.

My internal monologue goes a little like this, these days…

“Oh my god, why did she just say that?” *delete, rewrite*

“Hmm…this paragraph should go up here, not down there.” *moves para*

“What the hell was I thinking!?!” *delete, rewrite*

“Uhm, yeah, I used the word ‘silk’ in some variation fifteen times on this page.” *delete, gets out Thesaurus*

“That, that…that…what is this love affair I have with the word ‘that’?” *delete, rewrite*

“This sex scene needs more spice.” *delete, rewrite*

And so it goes.

Back to the depths of my revision.

6 comments to “Why I always have a bra on my desk”

  1. I hate bras too.

    It just annoys me off that I’m just a little too big to go without one when I’m out and about. Either give me a NEED to wear one, or not at all! LOL.

  2. I can’t stand bras, either. Thankfully, I’m small enough that I can get away without wearing one most of the time. (I have a few outfits that don’t fit right if I’m not wearing a bra, and I can’t really go out in public wearing lace or netting shirts without one. ^_^)

    On the bright side… at least your bras stay in one place. I have cats who think that they are glorified toys, so I find my nice lacies scattered all over the apartment. Kinda embarrassing when we have male company over and a cat comes running through with a bra in its mouth, though…

  3. oh man. i basically hate clothes in general and will take them off as soon as i can. growing up i heard ‘put some pants on!’ almost everyday from my brothers.

    the bra is the FIRST thing to get off when i get home. i have a small pile of undergarments that i have to take care of about once a week.

  4. yup – totally agree and occassionaly the studio has a bra slung over a canvas – sometimes embarrassing when unexpected guests show up. Well maybe not considering the topics of all the works in progress in the studio. They probably think it’s part of the art.
    I swear my breasts BOTH give out a heavy sigh of relief as soon as i whip that instrument of torture off.

  5. Okay, Anya, you are now officially a nutball! I love it! And yep, I hate bras, too! 😀


  6. I know this is an older blogpost, but I was scrolling down your main blog page and found this one and it made me laugh.

    I hate bras too. And mine usually sits on the coffee table. Heh.

    And nodding at the internal monologue during revisions. Good to know it’s not just me doing the self-flogging. 😉