July 7th, 2007
Seventy Days of Sweat — A Writing Challenge

I’m doing it. You should too!

I will be writing The Darkest Kiss (the title might change) for the challenge. It’s a futuristic vampire romance. Yes, this is a new one! My agent and I just accepted an offer from Berkley Heat for this one. 🙂 It will be out in 2008. Squeeeeee!!!!

Between getting The Darkest Kiss finished and completing the proposals for the next two books in the Elemental Witches series, I have my hands full. But that’s good!!

3 comments to “Seventy Days of Sweat — A Writing Challenge”

  1. congrats on the Berkley sale Anya!!!
    i’m pondering the writing challenge…been emailing back and forth with Red about it. Y’all are for real writers – i’m so not there yet…if ever. But it’s skewered my interest… the big question is can i work on 2 stories at the same time (the one under review and a new one). I must be insane to even contemplate it. whimper.

  2. I’m doing it. Rhian, you and the rest of your little gang are going to pay for this.

  3. Rhian — You should do it!! It’ll be fun. *snerk*

    May — Awesome!!