July 11th, 2007
Learning Things and Forward Momentum (and horoscopes!)

Since Witch Fire’s release, I’ve learned a whole lot of publishing industry things I never knew as an ebook author, like what Bookscan is, and how the bestsellers lists work. I’ve also learned some far more personal things too.

After a month of stressing about how my book would do, I have learned it’s more important than ever to follow my bliss. I can’t allow stress to take away the enjoyment I get from writing. Because the first time I allow my joy to be choked by market concerns is the first time I turn out a book I can’t be proud of.

I just have to write and be happy doing it. The rest simply follows. 🙂

Learning things is always good.

So yesterday I worked my part time job. It was a “dead” writing day because of that, (I make up the lost word count on the other days of the week), but I did get some plotting done on the next two Elemental Witch books. And I have titles! They’re maybe not good titles, maybe not titles Berkley will want to keep, but at least they’re something for me to work with.

Drumroll please… Witch Heart and Witch Fury. I don’t know how much I like the second one, but it’s fine for now.

Lastly, are you familiar with Free Will Astrology? If not, hie thee. New ones come out every Wednesday. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, they’re interesting to read.

3 comments to “Learning Things and Forward Momentum (and horoscopes!)”

  1. Its a great idea to keep your enjoyment imn your work, because it wont become work then. How about Witch Frenzy?

  2. Hi, am about to finish witch fire and wanted to let you know i love it! when is your next elemental witch book coming out? 😀

  3. Hi Sparky — That’s exactly it.

    Menchie — Oh, good! I’m so glad you’re liking it. 🙂 Witch Blood will be out in March 2008. I just turned it in to my editor a couple weeks ago.