July 13th, 2007
Just a stray thought

I just removed a cat related cliche from The Darkest Kiss. Now, how come people always refer to cat’s paws as silent? Because I have eight cats and all hardwood flooring, and none of my cats are particularly silent when walking upon it. Their little claws go click, click, click.

Uh. Of course, that could be because my cats are so fat well-fed, I suppose.

3 comments to “Just a stray thought”

  1. I don’t think it all has to do with being…ah hem…well-fed either. We have an 11 pounder and a 7 pounder. The smaller cat thuds/clicks across the floor even when she’s walking, whereas the big guy is relatively quiet. He makes up for his stealth by being a loud middle of the night hacker of hairballs and semi-processed cat food, but that’s another issue.

  2. Depends on the cat, I think. We had quite a lot growing up, and some had their claws click on the floors, others didn’t. I want to say the outdoor cats that kept their claws well-sharpened tended to click less than the ones that let theirs go somewhat dull, though.

  3. Or could it mean that your cats have long toenails that need to be trimmed?

    Frankly, my cats go upstairs and thunder. They can be quiet, but they can be equally as noisy, too.