July 21st, 2007
I know! I know!

I haven’t updated. I’m sorry! I’ve been writing, that’s why. Not so much on The Darkest Kiss, but on proposals/synopses. I’m plotting the third elemental witches book this week and writing up a synopsis. I’m also writing up a proposal for the fourth (and final) book.

But probably you all aren’t reading my blog anyway. *g* Probably you’re all closeted away with Harry Potter. I haven’t read the books yet. I will one day, I’m sure I’ll probably like them too. I do know who dies, though. :p

In other news, I know there’s a big debacle about costumes at RWA National. (There’s always a big debacle somewhere) I’m wondering if there isn’t more important things to be talking about than Liz Maverick and Marianne Mancusi‘s attire. Personally I found their get-ups cute and an imaginative way to build buzz for their books…in a world where it’s incredibly hard to build buzz. Here’s hoping they got some sales out this deal. (I put Wired on my Amazon wish list yesterday, so there’s my sale at least.)

As for Sherrilyn Kenyon…she’s Sherrilyn Kenyon! Dewd, let the woman wear what she wants! As long as she keeps producing Dark Hunter books, I’m happy. I don’t have more to say because I’m busy…writing.

Enjoy your Saturday!! What do you have planned for the weekend? (It’s absolutely geeeeooorjessssss where I am)

2 comments to “I know! I know!”

  1. Liz and Marianne have garnered at least one new reader as a result of their RWA costumes. 🙂

  2. I can’t say enough about Wired, it’s a great book. But I was already a fan of Liz’s books, I think she’s one of the most talented and unique writers in the genre.

    As for Sherrilyn

    I love her sense of humor. Nothing better than an author who doesn’t take herself too seriously.