July 31st, 2007
I Can Has iPod!

That’s right, I’ve entered the new millennium (quite a few years late) and bought an iPod. Now I’m faced with the prospect of loading it with new songs and selecting my favorites from my current MP3s. I’ll have to make playlists and cruise around iTunes. Oh, and I can load pictures into my iPod, make slideshows and set them to music. Intriguing!

I foresee many opportunities to procrastinate on my writing.

I wish I could listen to music while I write. Many writers can do this and I think it’s cool…helpful, even. Music invokes emotion and feeling emotion when you’re writing romance is a good thing, well, as long as you can transfer it to the page.

Music engrosses me too much, though. I can’t listen and not be caught up in it completely. So no iPod for me while I write, not unless I set the volume down so low I can barely hear it.

But I do have an iPod! And, as you can tell, I’m excited about it! Got any music recs for me? I tend to like all kinds of different things.

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