August 1st, 2007
Ho hum

Trying to get writing done today, but need to clean the house, go grocery shopping, ect. Oh, and load songs into my new iPod. *g*  I do have a children’s play list in my new iPod and on it is every song Elizabeth Mitchell ever produced. Kid’s music that adults can listen to too. If you have kids, you might want to give her a listen.

Domestically, I bought a floor sweeper I have to take back because it’s missing a piece. AND! I bought a speaker plug-in thingie for my new iPod (that lets you listen to music on the iPod as if on a stereo, instead via ear buds) and even though it says it’s compatible with the nano, IT. IS. NOT. Not in this dimension, anyway. Argh. So frustrating.  That’s going back too.

Been thinking a lot about my writing process today. I am not, actually, a plotter. I’m not a panster, either. Really I’m some combination of the two. I write out my synopses, but before I actually start the book I don’t know for certain how true I’ll stay to them. This is because I don’t know my characters until I start writing them, not really. No amount of character charts or character interviewing lets me know them as well as actually writing them. Once they start “acting” within the limits of the plot, making decisions, reacting to stimulus, do I actually start to truly understand them.  I know that sounds crazy, but there you have it.

Now, back to The Darkest Kiss.

3 comments to “Ho hum”

  1. I agree about the characters. I’ve been writing for the 70 days challenge and have found out surprising and very interesting things about my characters – especially the way they interact and talk.

    As far as floor sweepers go, I really want a Roomba…just so someday, my cat could chase it. 🙂

  2. I run into so many plot problems because my characters just won’t up the goods until they’re in situ. Thank goodness for rewrites.

    Oh, and I’m glad you liked Apo. I’ve been telling everyone I know about them lately.

  3. Bri — We have 8 cats. Heh. The Roomba wouldn’t have a chance in hell. Would love one, though!

    Seeley — Funny how they have their own minds that way…or scary, maybe. LOVE Apo.