August 3rd, 2007
Go, Charlie! Go, Charlie! Go, Charlie!

My all time favorite poet, Charles Simic, has been made U.S. Poet Laureate. Here is my favorite poem by Simic, Crazy About Her Shimp. Go read! You won’t be sorry.

Do people really read poetry anymore? Am the only one? Tell me, do you read poetry? What are some of your favorite poets and poems?

To sweeten the deal, I’ll make it a contest. Everyone who replies to this post will be eligible to win one of my EC books (from backlist). Share with me your poetry predilections. The contest will end whenever I want it to. *g* So post now!

8 comments to “Go, Charlie! Go, Charlie! Go, Charlie!”

  1. I read it.

    In college, I was very into the death girls: Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, etc.

    Then I went into a beat phase with Kerouac and Bukowski. Never liked Ginsberg, though.

    Now my favorite poet is Maya Angelou. There’s such joyous strength in what she writes. She encapsulates the feminine with such power and beauty. In a fashion, she gives back the goddess mystique.

    I dabble myself, but mostly I write prose.

  2. Other than Rhian’s poetry train, nope, I don’t read poetry. It’s too deep for me and I wind up standing on the roof of my house, and it’s still over my head.


  3. I try, but my taste tends to run more to Rossetti and Blake and Keats. Shakespeare’s sonnets once in awhile.

  4. Yesterday, I pulled a book of poetry off my shelf. My great aunt gave it to me when I was 4. I think I read the whole book, which includes everything from mother goose to Edna St. Vincent Milay to Chaucer, when I was 13 or 14. I haven’t really been much into poetry lately, but I did reread The Unknown Soldier last night. It was my favourite then and I still love it.

  5. There’s this celtic poem that I absolutely adore. Now, I haven’t a clue who write it, I actually found it online on a -wait for it- celtic poems site! Heh. Anyway, here it is:

    Hollow footsteps, cloaked by night
    Of sadness known through tortured sight;
    The willow weeps for solitude
    As Owl moans a gloomy interlude.
    – Reflection in the glossy lake
    “If I should die before I wake…”
    A tear shatters the silent face
    That seeks solace in this deserted place.
    Wind whispers through the willow’s leaves,
    And Owl, perched high, silently grieves.
    The glow from city lights afar
    Swallow whole a falling star.
    A wish upon the trembling lips
    For peace. A raven gently sips
    The water near his honored guest,
    But soon flies to his hidden nest.
    Weary beneath the flowing cloak,
    The traveller rests against an oak
    And fights the lure of heavenly sleep
    -“I pray the Lord my soul to keep…”

    Forever lost, each journey taken
    Plagues the mind; the nights awaken
    Troubled visions, thoughts of yesterdays,
    That seem like beacons – lives away.
    Random comforts cannot ease this soul,
    For knowledge takes its weary toll
    ‘Pon one who suffers with each breath,
    Who slept once in peace, then awoke in death..

    It’s so beautiful. Hope you like it. Oh, there’s this also Scottish poet called Edwin Morgan that my ex introduced me to and I like his work very much.

  6. I love poetry! Langston Hughes, A.A. Armons, Jane Hirschfield, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Elizabeth Bishop, Priscilla Becker, Edna St. Vincent Millay, etc. I think what I love most about poetry is that it cuts through all the extraneous machinations present in every other form of literature, so the reader is left with a snapshot of searing emotion.

  7. *A.R. Armons…my bad for posting a comment at 3 a.m.

  8. i do and like May i love Rossetti. Also Rimbaud, ee cummings, Poe of course, Whitman, Plath, err – i guess i can stop now huh?

    i think the popularity of events like poetry slams is bringing poetry back in the limelight. for the first time in all my years planning city festivals, i heard someone today bring up poetry readings as part of the scheduled events. and for the past everal years i’ve had the Creative Goddesses read poetry at a big festival here in town and it always draws a good crowd. that might be because i throw kazoos at the audience though. heh.