August 5th, 2007
Swenty Seventy Check In

I’m back from being out of town. Bet you didn’t even know I was gone, did you? 😉

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter

62,320 / 85,000

The Darkest Kiss — Progress. Deadline September 30th.
Pretty average for word count. I was very busy this week with lots of kid related things. Then we went out of town, of course, which cut down on my writing time. And there was some procrastination.  Although I DID write about 9k. That’s really not too bad when you think about it, but it is about 3k less than I’d planned for.

I’m almost 74% done, though! And I’m past the middle. A big woo hoo on that one. Now I’ve got momentum all the way to the end.

2 comments to “Swenty Seventy Check In”

  1. That’s amazing! I’m so impressed and while I’m approaching the middle of my novel, I’m sort of terrified of it. – so congrats on that! Good luck on the end!

  2. wahoo! i’m sooo far behind right now. work bad. Sven totally pissed at me.