August 8th, 2007
Bit of a blog before I begin to write. (Heh. Our letter of the day is “B”)

I got my cover for Witch Blood. It is the most beautiful cover I have EVER had. It is beyond gorgeous and I so want to share, but I don’t know if I can yet, so I thought I’d tease a little instead. Oh! The best part of the cover (and so far I haven’t found anything about the cover I dislike) is that it says ‘National bestselling author of Witch Fire’ on the bottom. *insert big cheesy grin here*

So we were out of town for the weekend and then I had to work the day job Monday and Tuesday. That’s why I haven’t blogged. Actually, I did blog on Monday (like every Monday) over on The Bradford Bunch blog (link in sidebar). I posted a contest too, for those that are interested. Apparently the contest is really hard, though, because I’ve only received one entry so far. Whoops.

On my day job days, I’m wiped. There’s not a whole lot of extracurricular blogging going on. Today, of course, I’m writing. I need to have The Darkest Kiss finished up by the end of this month so I can use September to revise it. My revision process is usually pretty involved. I tend to write light on the first draft. On the subsequent drafts (during the revision process), I add anywhere from 5-7k. At the same time I chop things out, rearrange, ect and ect.

Did I mention the cover for Witch Blood is really cool? Hee. I’ll share it when I know for certain I can.


6 comments to “Bit of a blog before I begin to write. (Heh. Our letter of the day is “B”)”

  1. Oooh, congrats! I can’t wait to see it.

  2. I’ve seen it and it’s gorgeous! Spectacular! Heeee!

  3. On, Anya, you are a terrible tease!

  4. argh!!! when are you going to share? Driving me nuts here!!!
    National Bestselling Author – woot! Smooches hon! And Big Congrats!

  5. You are a terrible tease and that contest is way too hard! (It’s a complaining kind of day…) 😉

  6. Annie — Thanks!

    Seeley — I had another entry! *g* Geeze…I thought the contest would be so easy, too.

    Lauren — It has teh purty, I think.

    Cynthia — I’ve spent years practicing.

    Rhian — Thank you. 🙂